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Aristocats Luxury Cattery

Pelsall Lane, Rushall WS4 1NE

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e-mail : meekesfarm@gmail.com

About us:

Aristocats Cattery is owned by Jane and Ruth Meeke and the cattery has a licence issued by Walsall MBC ref: WK/201717312.

Aristocats Cattery has been in business since late summer 2009 and we have built up a lot of regular customers who seem very pleased with the service we provide. This is mainly due to the dedication of Denise the Cattery Supervisor who has been with us since day one, she treats all the animals in her care as if they were her own, nothing is too much bother. We have had cats brought in by their owners who are going on holiday after surgery that need special care, cats that need regular medication, cats that have been in fights and need their wounds cleaning and Denise's favourite the young cats/kittens on their first stay at a cattery, they get extra cuddles. 

In October 2016 the annex was opened which gave us additional capacity as we had struggled to fit in all the booking requests we recieved, the building was delayed by having to wait for planning permission but after a last minute dash we managed to open on the 22nd October 2016 just in time for half term.

Our extension to the cattery has now been open for 12 months, to celebrate this we have decided to give it a name rather than calling it the extension or annex. The name we decided on was Dovetails as previously the area had been used for many years by a very talented carpenter who had constructed the 14 pens in the main cattery. We found out shortly after the annex was opened he had passed away from cancer so we have named it in his honour. Dovetail joints are commonly used by carpenters.

So whilst naming one area we thought our customers would like the opportunity to request pens in their favoured area, to make this easier we have decided to name all the areas we have available:-

The Penthouse - 1st floor accomodation with windows on the north, south and east sides of the building giving panoramic views of the surrounding areas. Pen numbers 1 - 7

Cosy Corner - Ground floor accomodation which as its name indicates is cosy, some of our clients prefer to be in the nice quiet surroundings with nothing to disturb them. Pen numbers 8 - 14.

Dovetails - Ground floor accomodation its bright and airy. Pen numbers 20 - 24.

Storms Barm - Our small animal Barn which can accomodate rabbits, guinea pigs basically anything small and furry.

Below is a picture of Denise at her desk in the cattery office.

Where to find us:-

Meeke's Farm

Pelsall Lane




We are about 200 yards from the centre of Rushall.